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#diocomm exists for three things:

  • Sharing sweet, sweet hacks and creating connections for collaboration,
  • Crowdsourcing the task of getting important security reports into the right hands when formal intake channels fail, or don’t exist, and
  • Providing updates and a place for conversation on the project, and the state of vulnerability disclosure and hacker safe harbor.

Introduce yourself to everyone so that we all know how awesome you are, how you can help, and how we can help you! Don’t forget your Twitter or Github handle!

Some ideas:

  • What are you working on at the moment?
  • What type of security research do you love the most?
  • What’s the craziest [suitably redacted] vuln you’ve been involved with on the sending or receiving side?
  • Who’s your favourite hacker right now, and why?

Hi I am Lennie, I am a software developer and security researcher/analyst, my focus so far has been on performing web security auditing related tasks and wireless protocol based security research.

To aid in my research and enable my peers and employers to perform similar security audits I have built automation tools to find well-known vulnerabilities and exploits and to assist in wireless based intelligence gathering. The tools were built with a consumer-facing mindset where relationships between surfaces, vulnerabilities, and exploits were clearly laid out and presented in an easily understandable format. From this and related work I am also knowledgeable on methodologies and techniques relating to penetration testing assessments and reporting.

I have experience in software development using Golang, Python, Bash, PHP, Javascript/Jquery/HTML, C#, Java and PostgresSQL/MySQL/Neo4J

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Nice to meet you Lennie!