Looking for a security contact - Vidyamandir Classes (@VmcLearning)

Hi everyone,

hope you are healthy and well. I found a vulnerability(SENSITIVE Data exposure). Can someone help me to find someone from the company directly, because i tried numerous people to contact but with no success…

Thank you in advance

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Hey @un_kn0wn - Any updates on this? Please let us know if there was a successful connection.

Hey @disclose, i hope you’re healthy and well. I still didn’t get a response or any assistants at all.

Kind Regards,

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I DM’ed the boss there I think: https://www.linkedin.com/in/manmohangupta/

Quite a large team to reach out to, have you tried LinkedIn?

If you can’t DM them, I’ll send some for you

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Hi @sickcodes,

hope you’re healthy and well.
No, i didn’t try LinkedIn. I tried numerous things but unfortunate i didn’t get the result that i hoped for.
If you can send a DM, i would be really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

Thank you

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I think the above contact has left the company, I will try some more LinkedIns.

And on that note. I’m going to reach out to LinkedIn and mention free credits for security researchers as most high level staff are on LinkedIn and can perform swift actions!


Thank you @sickcodes . I really appreciate it.

Sounds like a great idea. It makes the responsible disclosure not so time consuming.


Agreed, I’ve started pushing the letter!


Hey @un_kn0wn did you end up getting a resolution on this?