README: How to use Hacker Connect

Reporting vulnerabilities, incidents, privacy issues, or data discoveries is tricky, but the community is here to help. Security program owners, CERT managers, and community advocates are keeping an eye on this Category, and do what we can to help you.

Tips for using Hacker Connect:

  1. Make sure you include the name of the organization you’re trying to connect with, preferably in the title AND the body of your post.
  2. Adding a picture or logo from the company you’re trying to connect with helps draw attention to the post when we share it.
  3. Do not share specific information about the vulnerability on security issue on a public post, you want to avoid having someone else discover and exploit it before it is fixed.
  4. Anonymous or pseudonymous posting is OK, but including any social handles or other information for yourself and the organization you’re attempting to contact is helpful.
  5. Any information that’s appropriate to provide about attempts you’ve already made to contact the organization is helpful.

This is a community service so please treat it, those helping you, and the people you’re trying to connect to with respect. Spamming, solicitation of services, and time-wasting will not be tolerated (or treated kindly).

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hi myself prateek from IIIT Gwalior, currently in 2nd year B.Tech program.

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Welcome to to disclose!

Hi everybody! I found this amazing initiative thanks to somebody in Twitter that told me about it. I hope this community grows and that we can help each other. Love the idea!

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Hey buddy! Thanks for joining, just currently putting the old content up, just merging from an old backup :slight_smile: