Looking for Security contact at elearningcollege.com

Been trying to contact them for 8 months.

2020/07/09 - Tried to have a contact with them. I used Twitter Proof but it feels like they’re not using that account anymore.

2020/07/13 - Reported to Hackerone, hopefully they will find a way. (Texted me two messages and then I got ghosted, participant has been removed.)

2021/04/17 - Second try with Twitter and contacting devs or admins via name.com

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This looks pretty abandoned, 8 months is wild.

Is it a remote unauthenticated vulnerability? If so, don’t just drop it wild.

Is it site-specific?

In anycase, you can submit an abuse case to [email protected] who is the domain registrar and notify the registrar that this domain is running vulnerable software and may be used to send fake spam if left unfixed.

Secondly, have you tried this? Contact Domain Owner | Name.com

Is it leaking PII? If so you can submit CERT CISA report: Incident Reporting System | CISA

Got it. Thank you for the information. Tried everything besides “Incident Reporting system | CISA”.

Thank you again for the help. Gonna update this thread whenever I get some feedback.

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