Looking for a security contact - @verifone

Hi everyone,

need a security contact for verifone? Are they running an bug bounty program ?

Thank you in advance

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How about start here? Report Security Incident - Verifone

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I sent off a few LinkedIn mails, hopefully get the ball rolling on this one

Hi @AxSharma,

thank you for the link. I forget to inform you all, that i found it already, but i really appreciate the post.

Hi @sickcodes,

…hope for the best, prepare for the worst hahaha. I really appreciate the help.

And to both(@sickcodes, @AxSharma ) of you, did you have some experience with verifone and if they have a reward setup ? I found nothing about them, they could run a private program on synack or so, but i cannot get these information?

Thank you both again.