Looking for a security contact - Blizzard.com

Hi everyone,

hope you are healthy and well. Is Blizzard.com running a bug bounty program?

Thank you in advance

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They sure do

NDA most likely

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Retract that, they have no public program lol

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I tweeted at them, hopefully they can learn or resolve issues, will be an interesting experience nonetheless: https://twitter.com/sickcodes/status/1523789933063725057

I believe they’ve had a overhaul given last years accusations, we shall soon find out

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Hi @sickcodes,

you’re the best, thank you. I found the email address [email protected] that helped me report to them.
They’re really kind and helpful, so be kind to them.

Thank you again for the tweet, i saw it 1 min ago haha.


Nice, feel free to add to to GitHub - disclose/diodb: Open-source vulnerability disclosure and bug bounty program database.

I didn’t receive any responses